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Beeswax Candlemaking Kit - 3 Wick Candle Kit

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Make your own beeswax candles and fill your home with relaxing, energising or mood-boosting scents with the Beeswax & Bumble Candle Making Kit

Each 3 Wick Candle Kit contains:
- 4 x Beeswax blocks
- Coconut oil 
- Essential oil (Relaxing, Energising, Mood-boosting, Invigorating or Bug-repelling)
- Glass candle jar
- Double boiler for wax melting
- Kraft labels & twine
- Wick-centring sticks and wicks

Our candlemaking kit comes in a beautiful kraft gift box and includes a step-by-step guide, making it an excellent gift for someone special, or as a personal craft. 

All kits are imagined, designed and created by hand in Edinburgh, Scotland by The Crafting Cartel.