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Hordeum. Botanical Studio

Dried Flower Bunch

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Colour scheme

Dried Flower Bunch

Dried flowers make an excellent long-lasting gift that will outlive fresh flowers by at least a year!

We create all of our dried flower posies, bunches and bouquets in-house with a focus on seasonal colours and styles. Each arrangement is different depending on our seasonal selection of florals, grasses and foliage and is made by your chosen colour scheme.

Each bunch is wrapped in kraft paper, and is approximately 55cm in height.

Choose from neutrals (creams, beiges and light pinks), warm tones (auburn, greens, copper), bright and vibrant (teals, pinks, reds, yellows) or pastel (soft colours in lilac, peach and sage)

Before ordering, please remember that dried flowers may have natural imperfections such as bends and varying shapes. Where natural bends occur upon handling, the flowers can be interwoven to support each other. The images shown are examples and actual stems will vary in shape and size. We encourage embracing the natural imperfections that exist due to the dried nature of the flowers.

Looking for something bespoke? Send us a message and we'll be happy to create your floral vision.