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Re: Potted Peat-Free Cacti & Succulent Plant Potting Mix

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RE: POTTED Peat-Free Cacti & Succulent Plant Potting Mix 

Carefully formulated and hand mixed by us, this cacti & succulent mix is a gritty, sandy potting soil for good drainage to prevent root rot. 

Available in three sizes, this cacti & succulent potting mix is perfect for repotting and refreshing cacti, succulents and arid plants. 

Pots come in all shapes and sizes, but as a general guide we estimate the following - 

A 3 litre bag will fill a 14cm nursery pot or a couple of 5-10cm pots.

A 6 litre bag will fill a 24cm nursery pot, a couple of 12-15 cm pots or a few 5-10cm pots

A 10 litre bag will fill a 35cm nursery pot, a couple of 16-20cm pots, a few 12-14cm pots or many 5-10cm pots. 

Available in-store, click and collect and home delivery.