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Re: Potted Peat-Free Tropical Plant Potting Mix

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RE: POTTED Peat-Free House Plant Potting Mix 

Carefully formulated and hand mixed by us, this tropical plant mix is a loose, porous potting blend with good drainage for healthy roots. 

Available in three sizes, this tropical potting mix is perfect for repotting and refreshing palms, ferns, alocasias, cordyline and bromeliad plants. 

Pots come in all shapes and sizes, but as a general guide we estimate the following - 

A 3 litre bag will fill a 14cm nursery pot or a couple of 5-10cm pots.

A 6 litre bag will fill a 24cm nursery pot, a couple of 12-15 cm pots or a few 5-10cm pots

A 10 litre bag will fill a 35cm nursery pot, a couple of 16-20cm pots, a few 12-14cm pots or many 5-10cm pots. 

Available in-store, click and collect and home delivery.